Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Space Invader Hits Los Angeles 2011

The cops are searching for him, but before getting busted Space Invader still had the time to get up some major work in Los Angeles.

We have heard that Space Invader has already left the country. Wonder if he will be able to come back again?

Glad that he has left some beautiful tiles and mosaics in LA to be enjoyed.

Big thanks to Leo for sending in these pictures of downtown LA being Invaded.


  1. i dont know if its his tile art or the face that he uses characters from the games i grew up with...but i LOVE his work..


  3. The last pic should tip you off as to where it is, Temple & Alameda. I had taken a couple of pics of another one of his pieces, around the opposite corner on the other side of the building (not sure if he'll post them here though).