Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Banksy Poster for $5

Banksy is releasing a new poster print for $5. It features a Tesco brand petrol bomb.

The catch is, these posters are only available in person, in Brixton, U.K.. The internet is abuzz trying to get their hands on an affordable Banksy, and online forums are lighting up with people trying to line up a poster, or a mule, to pick one up.

The context for the image concerns some recent police raids aimed at squatters protesting a new Tesco store opening. After the police raid, a small riot occurred on the streets, and it took place right under Banksy's 'Mild, Mild West' piece portraying a riot scene.

We think it is an admirable thing how Banksy is using his art to make people aware of a socio/political situation. And it is amusing how people are focused more on getting the poster, than the message behind it.


  1. Anyone want to go to Brixton this weekend?

  2. Don't tell me you don't want one.

  3. Goin did it 1st

  4. it looks like shit.