Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Livin' in LA-Vacation in Chatsworth

As part of M&F's ongoing feature series 'Livin' in LA - Vacation in LA'.

For being a suburb, Chatsworth is pretty fucking amazing.  Even though this is M&F's first day vacationing in LA, there was already a Happy Ending~

Chatsworth is only an hours drive North of Hollywood, but it feels like a world away.  Chatsworth is best known as the unofficial capitol of 'Porn Valley'.  It is a place that is home to mega-churches, a place where the sidewalks are designed for horses instead of pedestrians, and a place where towering natural rock formations surround the city.

The day of vacation in Chatsworth began with a beautiful hike off of Topanga Canyon Road that reminded us that nothing--not street art, and not even rocks, are forever. Followed that with a quick jaunt over to Stoney Point to get stoney amongst the rock climbers.  Then some street walking to check out the street scene.  Munched dinner at Burrito Factory (home of 52 burrito combinations).  Got happy after a Happy Ending at a local massage clinic~  And finished by shopping at the Topanga Mall--where the parking lot was used for filming for a Terminator movie (not sure which one).

As far as the street scene, there weren't a lot of big pieces so at first glance it seemed that street art and graffiti did not have a dominant presence in Chatsworth and the surrounding area.  But a closer heels-to-the-pavement inspection revealed that tags and stickers were abounding in literally every nook and corner and on the backside of every pole.  For the most part, the South Valley artists appear to fight an aggressive buff, and only the highest and difficult spots to reach keep riding.  More pics of the artists and art coming up . . .

Vacationing in Chatsworth is kind of like vacationing in the suburbs, so life wasn't geared towards tourists or getting wild like in Hollywood, but during the day spent in Chatsworth we did see some really cool stuff like a hawk on the hike, some impressive bike gymnastics, and a parrot walking with its owner that told us to 'shut up!'.

But the highlight of the day, and the ultimate tribute to Porn Valley was getting a 'full body' massage with a happy ending in Chatsworth.  This was our first time ever doing it--and goddamn!  It was everything we imagined it might be--and more. . .   All we can say is we should have done it sooner!

Dig what you are doing, Chatsworth.  The world is rubbing it out to your porn and thanks for returning the favor--Stay Up!~

(click the link below for a full pictorial look at M&F's Vacation in Chatsworth)

^-the top pic features the Chatsworth water tank, which, the bar in the front of the pic is covered with graffiti tags.  This type of getting up is the most common that we saw in the area.  Tags from Keoh, Fatlip, Senon, Woost(?) and more.

^Rock formations like this surround Chatsworth.

^The view from the mountains--this view is actually looking off towards Simi Valley from Santa Susana Pass above the back side of Chatsworth.

^Outside the city center, in Chatsworth the sidewalks are designed for horses more than humans.  The 'paths' are about 8 feet wide and have a rail hanging.  Most are dirt too, not paved.

^Found some graffiti hiking.  It felt like home so we took a break, and Shasta found a soft bed in the sand.  This place was surrounded by tiny birds who kept chirping at our interruption of their territory.

^Shasta loves Chatsworth!

^The 2 small round circles at the top right side of the rock are the heads of two heads of two dudes who were getting ready to repel down this 100 foot face at Stoney Point.

^Meanwhile, other rock climbers are content with some bouldering and just getting 'stoney'.

Also notice the pink buff paint on the rocks--more on that to come!

These pics don't do this kid justice.  He was busting out seriously impressive stunts at this spot in downtown Chatsworth.

^This parrot was on a walk with its human companion inside the Topanga Mall.  The bird did not like Shasta, and kept telling us to 'Shut Up!" Lol.

^Chatsworth at Sunset.  Stay Happy~

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