Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Livin in LA - Vacation at the Playboy Mansion!

Another segment in M&F's ongoing series 'Living in LA - Vacation in LA'.

Last night, M&F accomplished a life long dream and visited the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills.

It is nearly every man's dream to visit this hollowed ground, and in every way, the Playboy Mansion lived up to or exceeded expectations.  

The Playboy Mansion has a feel of a sorority house mixed with a luxury hotel.  The inside is richly ornamented and decorated with wood carvings, while the outside property is a playground jungle of fun.  From tip to toe, the Mansion itself is a bachelor's dream party house.

The night we visited, there were 3 gorgeous Playboy Bunny's roaming around the party.  The girls looked exactly like the centerfolds in the magazine--perfect~.   Each had a glowing face like the girl next door.   The best line of the night came from Miss September 2012 (the dark haired beauty in the black dress) when M&F's editor-in-chief Greg asked her when the pillow fights will start.  He was joking, but she was dead serious when she explained in answering him back that the pillow fights usually happen on Sundays.  Can we come please get invited back on a Sunday?  Or at least for a trampoline party?

Thank you to all the beautiful ladies at the Playboy Mansion.  And major props to Mr. Hugh Hefner for setting the gold standard for men everywhere.

Everyone who lives in LA definitely needs to vacation at the Playboy Mansion at some point.  Check out the pics below from the Playboy Mansion below:

^After entering the front gates, the first thing you will see is a sign that says 'Watch for Animals'.  The 2nd sign is much more fun and it says 'Playmates at PLAY'.

^Animals are a big part of the atmosphere at the Playboy Mansion, and there are 3 African Cranes like this one wandering the property.

^Here is half of the graffiti tandem Dabs & Myla enjoying a drink next to the exotic birds.

^Reverse voyeurism.  This picture is included because a gorgeous blond girl kept peering out the window at the action down below.  Oh Playboy Mansion--so full of beautiful surprises!

^There was an air of mystery hovering around world famous Grotto.

If only these walls could talk--or actually, if these walls had video! Heh heh.

Pimp's Paradise!

^The pool outside looks like it was built for a music video.  This little tunnel leads into the hot tubs of the grotto.

^The back view of the Playboy Mansion.  Shot taken near the trampoline.

^The Playboy Mansion has a mini zoo out back.  These squirrel monkeys were adorable!

^Back inside the mansion, there are more monkeys.  Each one of these impressive 5 foot carvings is placed on either side of the stairs leading up to the living quarters.

Not sure what the round egg looking thing the monkey is holding actually is, but it seems to represent the idea that most men better leave their balls at the bottom of these stairs!

^Pic from the stairs looking down at the Playboy Party.

^Dabs Myla posing for pictures with Playboy Bunny's and more artists.

^Team M&F having some fun with the lovely ladies at the Playboy Mansion.  (Please invite us back for the Sunday pillow fights!!)

^Wedding picture featuring Hef & Crystal.  Congrats!

And Crystal's dog.

This dog was actually getting taken out to go to the bathroom in the front yard as we arrived at the party.  Strangely enough, the dog was being carried out by a worker in their arms, not walked out.  Guess the rich dogs don't have it all!

^All kinds of free munchy goodies at the party.  Does candy taste better at the Playboy Mansion?  Yes. The Milk Duds were fresher.

^Here is the in-house movie theatre at the Playboy Mansion.

^Yes, there were boobs at the Playboy Mansion, but only on the paintings hanging on the walls.

^More of the luxury at the Mansion.  This corner had the feel of a real household where the pieces had been moved here to make room for the movie screen.

^A cardboard cut out of Hugh Hefner in the Library at the Mansion.

Straight pimpin'!

^As the movie theater starts filling in.

^The only other boobs spotted at the Playboy Mansion, but the entire evening was magical.

Thanks for the vacation in LA, Playboy Mansion.

Stay up!~