Thursday, October 17, 2013

Banksy - Better KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT Than In

Yes!!!  Score one for the streets!

Like often tends to happen with Banksy's pieces, as soon as they get identified some talentless hack tries to paint over them.  Well, this time it happened, the hater got served a big fist full of street justice.

When this hater painted over Banksy's piece, the building owner literally knocked this motherfucker out!!!  Mike Tyson style~

Boom.  M&F loves to see this.  The streets are rough, and if you are going to fuck around, you deserve to get fucked up.


  1. Someone who lives in that building says the owner is a sweet old eye doctor - hardly someone who could knock out a punk.

  2. The kid that was dropped is a weak ass writer (not saying writers in general are weak, just this kid is) - he goes by Rockit_Boy (on instagram and facebook) and has a pretty laughable t-shirt line with a very bad design on it. Leave him some hate mail @rockit_boy