Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still Selling Out--Dethkills

With a half-assed attempt to stab back at the artists who took back the streets from Dethkills' street art-killing-Krooked/Huf-corporate-campaign, and going over more artists in what appears to be another corporate onslaught, Dethkills solidifies their reputation as has-beens and sell-outs.

With a printed poster made to look hand drawn (not hand drawn, lol) stickered, not pasted over Leba's artwork on Melrose, a wack tag over Free Humanity, and putting up posters over other a whole new slew of artists work, Dethkills seems to be saying a big "f-you" to LA's entire street art community, and giving up the battle at the same time.

It seems the only projects Dethkills puts effort into are paid gigs.

That's not art, that's just advertising.


  1. Man shall reap that which he hast sown.
    those little wheat pastes hes putting up right now are a straight joke.
    but i mean what else can you do if you dont have talent.
    Life Lives.

  2. Yeah these guys better stay painting indoors, because they have no respect in the street. Their art is H O R R I B L E, no thought provoking pieces, unoriginal. What dubious talent. I can't BELIEVE such crap can come out of so many persons. How many idiots does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Here's an idea- get some original ideas, and get some talent. I despise seeing their work on the streets, thank GOD it doesn't last for long... apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this.

  3. how is huf corporate? i hope i run into you.

    -at large