Monday, August 30, 2010

Night Life in Hollywood Pt. 5/5--Steel Panther

MelroseandFairfax loves 80's hair rock n' roll, and the best place in Hollywood to rock out like its 1989, is at a Steel Panther show.

Recently moved home from the House of Blues to the Key Club, every Monday night is Steel Panther night. Rock out to your favorite hits from the 80's while your cock is community property. A great place to see celebrities and boobs.

The first Steel Panther show we attended, they brought Chuck Liddell and McLovin up on stage and tried to get them to fight. Then McLovin sang Journey and went back to his porn star he was with who had boobs bigger than his head.

Steel Panther is blowing up and is filming for a TV show on Comedy Central that starts this fall. If you live in LA, Steel Panther is a must.

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