Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not Mr. Brainwash Who Is Doing The Children Writing

These children first showed up on Melrose, just before the opening of Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011. Because it uses an almost identical layering effect on the image, and brightly colored, child like writing, we had assumed that the piece was from Mr. Brainwash.

But, Mr. Brainwash is now on the other side of the world, and there has been a surge of these characters hitting the streets. It is not Mr. Brainwash, but not sure who the artist is?

And, our friend G pointed out that the punctuation has been fixed from 'your' to 'your're' after a suggestion from his website.

***Thanks to John Wellington Ennis for the pics***


  1. I knew it wasn't MBW. I kept asking who was doing it and everyone said him but it didn't add up. Hmmmm.....the irony huh?
    To knock off from brainwash, or to improve upon him.....
    Almost seems like real street art, with the idea of taking something and making it more beautiful.

    1. You used irony wrong.

  2. If its a copy cat, Im gonna take a wild guess its FH!!

  3. I think free humanity prefers to call and refer to his copies as "tributes" :)

  4. FH took a bunch of them down in the rain and tryed to sale them as MBW. on his facebook.

  5. Hilarious! And now I am craving Jerry's Deli! Thanks M&F! hahaha!

  6. hahaha FH would, he still lives at home with his mom

  7. when has brainwash ever put up his own art? he doesn't have to be in town to keep putting up brainwash pieces. besides i saw him at lunch in hollywood on wednesday

  8. I thought he had people to put his own art up...weird.