Friday, November 9, 2012

Dumb Fuck Buffman

A lot of graffiti and street artists would say that the Buffman is dumb as fuck.  Well, one really is--and just got busted for it.

In Burbank, a buffman hired by the city was caught for doing graffiti on walls, and then charging the city to buff his own tag.  

Seems like a silly and circular practice.   Yes.  But the world would be a better place if all buffmen spent their time buffing themselves instead of true artwork.  

Also interesting to note that the Busted Buffman only billed the city $2,200 for over 100 bogus tags.  Cities have often cited insane prices for buffing graffiti when prosecuting graffiti and street artists, sometimes charging more than $2,200 for one tag alone!  This sheds some light on the true cost of buffing graffiti--less than $20 per tag (and even that seems high).  

Read the full story below:

A graffiti-removal worker was arrested for allegedly
tagging various locations in Burbank and then fraudulently billing the city to
remove the same tags, police said today.
Enrique Medrano, 53, was arrested on Thursday and was booked on
suspicion of vandalism, burglary, and forgery, Burbank police Sgt. Darin Ryburn
``Medrano was employed by a graffiti-removal company, contracted by the
city of Burbank, and was assigned to clean and remove graffiti in city parks,
alleys and other public areas,'' Ryburn said.
``Over the course of the investigation, Medrano was involved in applying
over 100 graffiti tags in the city, removing the same graffiti he applied,
and subsequently submitting fraudulent billings to the city for work
performed,'' Ryburn said.
The fraudulent billings totaled more than $2,200, Ryburn said.

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  1. Wonder what his tag was.


  2. I dunno people, To me this seems like a pretty smart artist if ya ask me. I mean in a way isn't this kind of what Banksy has done? Posed as an artist? Banksy #2 anyone?