Friday, February 15, 2013

Christopher Dorner is a Hero to Some . . .

Some people believe that Christopher Dorner is a hero for standing up to his perceived abuses at the LAPD.  And his Rambo-like methods of enacting his revenge will no doubt be glorified into a movie some day soon.

Here are some street art pasters supporting him saying to 'Remember St. Dorner'.  On one hand, it does seem strange to call any murderer a saint, but back in the day, sainthood was awarded to victors who murdered and won battles.

M&F feels that the Dorner situation raised some legitimate issues, but unfortunately the larger issues got blurred with the way he handled himself by killing people.  The mainstream media tried to portray Dorner as a liar for saying that a police captain had participated in the Rodney King beatings, and then promoted to captain.  The media claims Dorner lied because that particular captain did not technically participate in the beatings himself as Dorner claimed, but that captain was at the scene that night.

Regardless of how one feels about Dorner, it should raise some major red flags that someone who watched a citizen get brutally beaten by the police department and did nothing to stop it or report it, and then this guy gets promoted!?!  It should cause every citizen of Los Angeles to question what the hell is going on when the bullies are running the city's protection system?

And it appears that that the LAPD murdered Dorner by burning him out of the cabin he was holed up in.  This case does seem to blur who is the good guy, and who the bad guys are.


  1. his name was CHRISTOPHER DORNER not Charles

  2. i found it interesting that the feelings the cops must have had with Dorner on the loose, are similar feelings many of African heritage feel every time they see a police officer.