Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Dirt Parking Lot Spot Torn Down

***Dang.  This got lost in a pile of drafts and never got published.  Better late than never and Rest in Paint to the Dirt Parking Lot~***

Some heartbreaking sad news on this Valentine's Day.  One of LA's hottest street art spots just got torn down.

The so-called 'Dirt Parking Lot' has been an abandoned building on Melrose a block off of La Brea.  It has been an active spot for years, getting slammed with an ever-changing canvas of graffiti and street art.

Well, unfortunately the Dir Parking Lot era has come to an end, and the building itself just got torn down.  Even as the walls come down, it is cool to see the rebirth and resurfacing of graffiti from years ago--all of which M&F has previously covered on the blog.  If there is a silver lining, M&F has captured the art and documented it along the way before its gone, but the sad news is that Dirt Parking Lot spot is gone forever.

***Big thanks for the pics to M&F Contributor RS70 who has a knack for being at the right spot***

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  1. I enjoy this here site quite a bit...I generally don't sweat the small stuff, but the irony of rs70 flikin' my work, while also dissin' my shit is a bit too much for me to swallow. This goes out to rs70... Thanks for the flik, but no thnx to yer tweeked out dis ... Rude ass bastid...
    Peace and chicken grease..