Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watch Out, I'm Gonna Do It - COMPLAIN About the Weather in LA

What the hell is going on with the weather in Los Angeles this year?!

LA just got trough a 'cold' winter with temperatures remaining around 60 degrees since December.  Sure, 60 degrees might be a heckuva lot better than the rest of the frigid US during that time, but in Los Angeles, we don't want it to be less cold, we want to feel good~

And now the weather went straight from cold weather, into the hazy 'June Gloom' with a marine layer of clouds hovering above the city.  It has been a week straight of June Gloom now, even though it is only March.

Someone tell Mother Nature to get back on track, because this weather in Los Angeles is not how it should be!

Anyhoo, here is a sticker from Kapow and Irok in downtown LA, swimming in gray June Gloom soup.

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