Sunday, May 5, 2013

Orlando has More Attitude than Los Angeles

As we have said before, in terms of sheer volume, Orlando is nowhere near the level of street art and graffiti that is happening in Los Angeles.

However, even though Orlando might not be as busy, the street art that does get up in Orlando packs more attitude than what is seen around LA.  The O-town street art seems to come from a more pure place where the angry and disenfranchised just want to make a sticker to get their voice heard, not to get famous.  This street art, with images as trashing all religions or having 'no friends' are stronger than the ideas generally seen on the streets of LA.

Dig it Orlando.  Sometimes smaller is better.  Keep up the attitude.  And thank you for not littering your mind~


  1. People have been sticking and pasting this image up for decades. I even saw it in Europe once.

  2. quality

    not quantity