Tuesday, May 7, 2013

T Smokes Trees and Smashes Stickers

Tsmokestree's appetite for sticker smashing is insatiable.

Here is a major pictorial feature from Venice.  T doesn't just slap up his own stickers, he smashes comboes all over.

Check out the action shot above, and a bunch more below.

Dig it.  Stay up!


  1. this guy is so fucking lame...all he does is go around a 1 block radius of santa monica. going over tags that have been there longer than hes been able to peel a sticker. and now thinks he's the smashing sticker king because he goes to venice and goes over stickers and tags that have been up for quite some time now. No one has respect for this guy which is why his stuff keeps getting fucked with and painted over, and hes giving the artists that hes slapping a bad name as well because people arent aware that a KOOK is capping them and not the artist. eath shit tsmokestree... you wont be around much longer

  2. you can say what you will, im in tha streets holla