Saturday, July 13, 2013

Airplane Graffiti Bombing!

The LA Times is reporting that the FBI and LAPD are bummed that some graffiti went up on a 2.3 million dollar Lear Jet.

The damage took place at the Van Nuys Airport, and apparently the authorities are particularly butt hurt because this took place at a supposedly secure, lock-down area.

Its funny though.  This artist didn't steal anything.  They didn't break anything.  The only damage they did was leave their name in paint to prove that they were there to commit this crime.  You can see why authorities get so riled up at graffiti writers.  Something like this is nothing more than a big slap in your face saying 'You didn't do your job'.  Ouch.

As for the piece, the LAPD is spitting propaganda that this is 'gang-related or initiated'.  Hate to ruin that story line, but its old, played out, and flat out wrong.  This is not gang-related, this is ego-related and its a safe bet that whoever painted this will be buying a few extra copies of the LA Times to commemorate the hype.

Its a huge bomb too, and it looks like some sort of ladder must have been used.  But the outline suggests that this is someone who is just getting started developing their own style.  If this is the early stuff, keep an eye out for this graffhead to make waves!

Finally, good luck to the authorities catching 'Flame' since this seems to be a tribute piece with the RIP. It seems that Flame is dead while the homies paint to carry his name on.

Stay up, Flame!  Sky high, like an airplane in the sky!


  1. It was a small ladder was used
    And flame is Not dead

  2. FUCK!!!!! I thought it said "Plane"


  3. Why does the man always gotta fuck with expression of ones artistic creativity.
    i WAS a rent a cop. And i support this