Tuesday, October 11, 2011

UPDATED! -- 'Art Show 2011' - A Family Affair (and extended hours!)

New updated hours--and another extra day added!

Due to popular demand the hours for Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011' have been extended, and the gallery will be open for 6 more hours tomorrow, Weds, from 12-6 AND new hours have just been added on Sunday from 10AM-11PM. This should get a chance for everyone who wants to come out!

M&F has covered how people of all ages have enjoyed participating in Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011'. And here is a shot of a family coming out to put up some art together. Great stuff.

Apologies, but we forgot the artist's name.


  1. So this will be open again this sunday the 16th?

  2. the artist goes by Mr. Sunshine.