Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Professional Photoshoots at 'Art Show 2011'

Gregory Siff looking slick~

Not only did people get to put up art at Mr. Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011', but if they wanted, people also got to shine in front the cameras with a professional photoshoot run by Naj.

Naj was an extreme professional, both with the way he interacted with the people modeling, and his staff. And he took some amazing black and white photos of the people who showed up on the first day of 'Art Show 2011'. When we asked him what he planned on doing with the photos, Naj said he was not sure. He said they might go in New York Times, or he mentioned some big fashion magazines that we are not familiar with. But, he said the one place to be sure and see them was at the opening of 'Art Show 2011' where they will be a display as part of the exhibit.

These pictures are of street artist Gregory Siff striking the pose. Gregory told us that he was invited by the Seventh Letter to come and paint during their exclusive first shot at the walls. As far as we know, he was the only artist outside of the crew to get an invitation, and he said he painted a dope piece upstairs at the show. (Since it was upstairs we haven't got shots of the piece yet.)


  1. The brainwash paint covered pants are quite popular as a defining element of the identity of a street artist. Someone should go the super clean route just to switch it. Full Armani suit for street use--dope.

  2. ^ I think that is synonymous with MOST artists that use paint...sorry, I know lots of 'traditional' artists whose clothes are covered in paint. But yes, Suits and Ties are a must for ALL vandals from now on out

  3. who called the fashion police? haha. i've seen greg's work upstairs and its siiick. congrats to him getting invited.