Sunday, October 9, 2011

Teacher - Be The Change You Want To See

Teacher has really been getting up in Los Angeles, and his message of making the world a better place for the children really seems to be striking a chord with people. Today, three separate times people asked who Teacher was an if they could meet him. That was the most that we were asked about any artist, and only one time less than we were asked to take pictures of Mr. Brainwash with posing with somebody.

Teacher has really earned every bit of attention he is getting. His pieces are almost always hand painted, or printed from a hand painted piece. The art pieces aren't just aesthetically pleasing (although they are that), each one also comes packing a socially relevant message. Add that to the fact that Teacher is rolling out fresh new imagery and messages each week. And top it off with Teacher's continually hitting some of the biggest, highest, hottest spots in town, and it becomes clear why people are so stoked to meet him.

And the best part is that Teacher is a great guy in person. He really is a nice, positive person, and the world would be a better place if there were more people like him. His tattoos say it all about how positive this guy is. They say 'Be The Change You Want To See' and 'Efforttt (i.e. effort)'.

Dig it. Stay up, and keep bringing that change we all want to see~

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