Monday, February 13, 2012

Supreme Court Street Art

A fresh round of pasters from Toolz hit Melrose. These pieces are politically loaded, and themed on an apparent total disregard for conflict of interest issues within the Supreme Court.

The posters have quotes attached to them, explaining the justices' views on certain issues. It should be alarming to most Americans that two of the 9 justices, Roberts and Scalia, seem to openly be championing business interests above actual citizens. Another, Thomas, who has also been accused of conflict of intests, who is just clocking in and has nothing to say in court arguments in over 6 years!

Meanwhile, the only voice of reason on these posters comes from John Paul Stevens--and he cannot influence the court now because he is retired!

It is really alarming, when the Supreme Court is supposed to be the branch that keeps the others in line, but who is keeping them in line!?

Street art supporters also might be interested to note that the quote from Justice Roberts also seems to state that it is a 1st Amendment to put up pamphlets.

Great new socially conscious piece from Toolz.

Dig it. Stay Aware. Stay Involved. And Stay Up~

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