Thursday, August 23, 2012

SBT - A Surprise Street Art Adventure

This is one of the coolest street art stories that we have heard in awhile!

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Have you ever wanted to do street art of someone you know?  Or for someone you know?  Well, the story of SBT is just that.

SBT started when two friends wanted to honor another friend with a street art project.  So, for over a year, the two friends placed stickers and stencils around Los Angeles composed of the face of that third friend, and named it SBT.  SBT is an abbreviation of Sad Butt True, the third friends favorite saying, with a humorous twist adding the extra 't' to butt.

The images of SBT were then placed all over town, in spots that where the third friend was sure to see them.  The fun continued for well over a year and culminated at Mr. Brainwash's Art Show 2011 with the prankster street artists placing more pieces of SBT there, and having the third friend, and subject of the art pose unknowingly in front of the pieces.   At this point, the third friend was really puzzled about these stickers that seemed to bear a strong resemblance to him.

Its a funny prank, and the best part is that the two friends kept up the guise for so long before finally spilling the beans and telling the third friend, through video, what the campaign was about.

M&F got hooked up with these stickers and filled in on the story.  We hear that the third friend was amused with the tribute, and now signs his emails SBT.

Dig it.  This is one of the funnest stories behind the street art that we have heard in awhile.  Stay up, and stay Sad Butt True~


  1. so cool! I thought about doing this but never did

  2. This is my crew SBT JOME89