Friday, November 9, 2012

Spain - California Freeway King

Spain is the King of going big along the freeways in California.

M&F has posted Spain's freeway bombs from Ventura, through downtown, and all the way in S. Los Angeles, where this moon themed piece was spotted.

(This is the best shot but doesn't do the piece justice.  It pops out like a billboard while you are driving.  There were 3 good chances to snap a pic but got car photo jacked every time!)


  1. Unless this guy tags the same shit around the area, this tag is NOT anywhere near L.A. I see it every day going to school at Long Beach State. I've gotta admit it is a sick tag, but it's in LB off Bellflower not S. Los Angeles.

  2. long beach is los angeles county. southern los angeles county. and you go to college. wild