Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sticker Heaven at TK Burger in Huntington Beach

TK Burger in Huntington Beach is sticker heaven.

The entire outside is a massive sticker combo, with some stickers dating back years and years. The burgers weren't bad, either.

Click the jump for many more pics of the action at TK's.

***Thanks again for the tip from CR--if you have a place to visit and/or a suggestion of what to see we'd love to hear it!***


  1. Johnny's Saloon on Beach&Slater is a pretty awesome punk rock dive in HB.

  2. Another HB spot is the new Wahoos fish taco near Beach Blvd and Warner. There a great mural there and stickers inside.

  3. hell yeah i always slap stickers up when i go to TK