Saturday, November 3, 2012

To Live, Die and Go All-City in LA

Blind and Back UAO RK get up everywhere in Los Angeles.  Seriously, take a walk around your block--wherever you live in LA, and you will probably see a sticker or a tag from these uber-prolific graffiti writers.

Blinder and Back One have definitely gone All City, and this sticker gives a shout out to LA.  Its a good motto--To live, die, and get up everywhere in LA~

This sticker was spotted deep in Porn Valley, past the 118.

This might be an old slap tag because the red is completely faded off the postal sticker and the crews that Blinder reps are ILG and UOR, which he doesn't put up as much anymore.

With a sticker from Keoh on the other side.

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