Monday, November 12, 2012

Worst Buff Job Ever . . .

Came up on this and it looked like the worst buff job ever.  Before it got buffed, this spot was a cool stencil featuring a boy playing with a model airplane, and the lines trace the track of the swoops and turns of a young boy having fun with his toy.

M&F liked the piece so much that we mentioned it was not a Banksy, but almost as cool.

Well, it was surprising to find that the boy had been buffed over, but instead of painting the wall, the buffmen had traced the entire path of the young boy.  So instead of the viewer seeing the content of the piece, all it was was a white meaningless blur that still took up the entire wall.

A half hour or so after spotting this awful buff job, M&F swung back by the same spot and noticed some painters were getting ready to paint the building.  When asked about the white buff, the painters explained that the white was just primer over the piece and now they were getting ready to paint the entire wall over again.

They added, smiling, that it was a really cool piece and started to describe the boy and the airplane.  The buffmen said that they too preferred the art on the wall. . .

Ah well.  The ever changing life of walls on the streets.

Interesting to hear that even the buffmen sometimes prefer the art to buffed walls.

Stay up~

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