Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get a Room Already . . .

Another new painting paints over the organic art at the art wall in downtown Los Angeles.

The painting itself is cool.  We dig it.  But just like a heckler on the street who sees two people making out will call out to them to "Get a room already!", it is a way of impolitely saying 'There are better places for that."  The same thing could be said for this mural.  If your piece doesn't understand the ways of the streets, perhaps it is better kept on a canvas.

Basically, any art is cool on the street.  And this is a really cool mural.  If it were to go on any other wall in LA, it would be a great thing.  But this particular wall is The Art Wall.  It is the only semi-legitimate spot to put up street art in Los Angeles, and it is usually filled with an ever-changing texture composed of dozens of different street art pieces.  This artist painted over the entire wall to paint this new mural.

Perhaps what is most irksome is that the new mural only used approximately half of the space, however they still painted over the rest of the wall by adding a gigantic blue border on either side of the actual piece.  Lame.  It shows a profound misunderstanding of the nature of street art, and a failure to work with the environment.  Furthermore, without a doubt, this piece will be short lived as this wall is not meant for permanent pieces.   It is sure to be covered up again by fresh street art.

Most likely, the artist can't be fully blamed and the wall was advised to be painted on some poor advice.

Anyway, here are some pics of the piece.  Its got animals, and sneakers, and flaming skulls.  We dig it.  So enjoy it while it can be enjoyed before the organic street art comes back and this mural gets capped in return.

Once again, any other wall in Los Angeles this would have been fine and a great benefit, however capping over legitimate street art with a blank blue border is not street and borders dangerously close to the work of a buffman.  Keep the cool art coming, but if you don't want to offend the community and have your piece last, make sure it happens the right way when you get up!~

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  1. I put a paste up on that wall next to the phone booth a few weeks ago...still giving that mural plenty of it's own space...but it looks like it was buffed if this is a more recent pic.