Thursday, February 14, 2013

Snyder Gives a Valentine to the Streets

Valentine's Day is for Lover's.  And Snyder combines the major loves in his life with this street art Valentine's Day Card.

The history of this piece is that Snyder first drew this image for a card that he gave to his sweetheart last year on Valentine's Day.  So this year Snyder blew up the image and hand painted a street size version which he then placed on Melrose.  Snyder even calculated the angle of the sun on this piece so that it wouldn't be shaded during the day.

M&F teasingly asked Snyder what he was doing on Melrose on Valentine's Day, and Snyder said "What better way than to spend Valentine's with the things I love most?".  After putting up this piece, Snyder plans to spend the day today exploring Melrose and then this evening with his sweetheart.

Dig it.  The piece looks amazing in person and is perfectly fitted for this spot.

Happy Valentine's Day and stay up!~

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