Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snyder - LAPD! - Fight or Flight

Snyder gets up so much in prime spots, and his pieces ride for so long that most people don't realize that most of the time Snyder's pieces are not commissioned but put up in an unsanctioned manner.

Snyder came face to face with a primal realization of that last week when LAPD police responded to a traffic accident right next to Snyder's illicit phone booth installation on Melrose.  A lesser artist might have been frightened off the streets, but Snyder, cool as a cucumber, held his ground and finished the piece.

Snyder calls these street art installations 'Omnipresent Art', and check out Snyder's description of his motivations--and the police excitement, down below.

The goal of these drip sculptures in to emphasize the artistic qualities of the overlooked, forgotten and mundane objects of each day. I exaggerate shape, form and space through texture and color, ultimately highlighting the notion that art is in everything and all around us at all times.

About 45 minutes into the 3.5 hours installation a minor car accident occurred on Melrose just where I was set up. The cars parked immediately behind me followed by the arrival of multiple investigative police police officers. My fight or flight response immediately kicked in. I chose fight and stood my ground while cops conversed amongst themselves. I continued working. At that point I became one with the background and finished the piece uninterrupted.

Dig it. Stay up~


  1. SNYDER is the king of chill!! peace and much respect!


  2. Wow that's major balls, I have been a fan of Snyder but this takes the cake!

  3. Right. It's not difficult or a risk when you have permission.