Tuesday, March 5, 2013

They're Almost Always Wrong (When Their Pants Are On the Ground)

Funny story.  As M&F approached this intersection with a Morley piece, we were driving in the car and had a green light.  However, the homeless man with the cart had pushed it out into the middle of the road, essentially stopping traffic.  So we stopped the car and honked at the dude, and in response the guy dropped his pants to the ground and mooned us.  It was a full moon during broad daylight.

In the time it took us to grab the camera and turn it on to take a picture, the dude had pulled his pants over his bare butt, but you can still see how his pants are hitched at an unusual angle.

All taking place in front of the aptly placed poster from Morley saying 'They're Almost Always Wrong'.  And one under that saying 'You have dumb friends'.

Keep your pants up!

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