Wednesday, May 15, 2013

America - The Land Where God Saves and Satan Invests

A street paster from Obey aimed at the NRA and the social environment where people think they need a gun to survive.  Guns, by definition, make it hard to survive.

Perhaps God wouldn't need to save America as much if Americans didn't invest in Satan's guns.

Less guns = save more lives.  Furthermore, the bigger your gun = the smaller your dick.  Its as simple as that.


  1. "God Saves in Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines" ???

  2. AR-15 with an AK47 magazine and a Krinkov (Ak74) flash hider on the front of the gun. In other words those three parts are entirely 100% incompatable with one another.

    One of the many reasons ya'll are such an impotent demagoguery (In before "Muh 90%) - trying to apply legislation and restrictions on things you haven't the foggiest idea about - ignorance of which your paragons from Feinstein to Bloomberg to Biden have displayed ad nauseum. Maybe if you became educated about firearms you'd have a chance (or actually realize they aren't to blame, the people are) to achieve something, rather than behaving like the temperance movement trying to stay relevant after the 21st amendment passed

  3. Guns don't Kill people Rappers do!

  4. clearly the creation of mental lightweights. it's not that some die or some live. it's whether the good people or the violent criminals are doing the killing. i'd rather live with the former. dead murderers and rapists shouldn't be a negative statistic.