Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Street Art is Boring

Street art is boring.  It must be true because street art even says so.

A wheat paste on Beverly saying 'Boring'.

Eh, sometimes street art might get played out, but the streets and the in-drama are never boring.  Far from it, actually.  Aggravating, maybe, but never boring.

M&F has never really understood pieces like this.  If you think the scene is boring and you have something better to offer, put it out there!  But this type of Monday morning quarterbacking type commentary doesn't really add any flavor to the scene.

As far as art goes, is there any other art genre that even comes close to the excitement of street art?

Exactly . . . .


  1. Considering it's placement, that's some sad shit behind it. Though who knows what went up first, or if it's even a statement about street art. Maybe it's just saying what it is itself?

  2. Interesting, it turned out to be an advertisement for an upcoming show... who's show? I have no idea. I find it lingeringly offensive, hurtful to all. still.
    Humans think in words. What a lot of effort this person put into this thought. ouch.... I shake my head, smile and think "Duchamp Duchamp Duchamp." x