Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ever Wonder What's Inside An Electrical Box?

Electrical boxes play an important role in the world of Los Angeles street art.  Someone once said that they are like public canvasses placed around the city.

Well, have you ever wondered what the electrical boxes are for?  And what's inside them?

M&F chanced upon an electrical box in the midst of being serviced, and the guy servicing it was only too happy to explain how these things work and what's inside.

Basically, these electrical boxes control the lights at the intersection.  In fact, every intersection in America with a traffic light will have some sort of electrical box like this one.

This particular electrical box was equipped with a monitering system hooked up to the cameras above the intersection.  When we told the guy it sounded scary like big brother, he assured us that these cameras are only used for traffic purposes, and not by the police.

Click the jump for a pic heavy feature with the guts spilled open

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