Friday, May 3, 2013

Livin' in LA - Vacation at The Penguin Hotel South Beach

***Another feature in our ongoing series Livin in LA - Vacation in LA***

^You can tell this place is money by the ceilings!

The second place M&F stayed in South Beach was at The Penguin Hotel.  The Penguin is the sister hotel to The President, and the backs of each building sit up next to each other.  So The President faces Collins Ave., while the Penguin has an even better view overlooking the ocean and facing Ocean Drive.

The location was fabulous, right in the heart of the South Beach night life, and a walk across the street to the ocean.

At The Penguin, the rooms were tastefully done, and the full wall prints of nature were really amazing. Once again, our only complaint is that the drain was completely clogged in the shower.  It was the same problem at both hotels, leading us to think that it might be an overall plumbing problem at The President and The Penguin.

Hopefully, the plumbing issues have got fixed by now.  M&F had a great stay and would definitely recommend vacationing at The Penguin Hotel in South Beach~

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