Saturday, May 4, 2013

Livin' in LA - Vacation in Orlando, Florida

M&F has always had a strong relationship with the environment.  That relationship is one big reasons that led to the founding of this blog.

Orlando, Florida is M&F's home town.  And as we see these pics of Orlando, the places in the city and the accompanying memories jump out.  Orlando is a city where no one is from, so it is making its own history instead of living it out, like most places.  Orlando is a rough, raw, edgy city in the middle of endless suburbs and with Disney nearby, next to the most manufactured happiest place on earth.

Coming back is like jumping into a pool of nostalgia.  Perhaps everyone feels a similar way about returning to the place where they are from.  As the saying goes, "Never trust a man who doesn't love his home town. . . "

M&F has now moved onto Los Angeles and fallen head over heels in love with the city.  But we still have strong feelings for O-town as our home town, and returning back sure pulls on the memory strings.

Here are some aerial shots from the plane flying into Orlando.  Stay tuned for more shots of the street art action around The City Beautiful~

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