Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pest 131 305 Street Art & Graffiti in Miami

The mean streets of Miami provided the initial arena for M&F's street art learning curve.  Miami is the place where we learned about the rules of the streets and the way that things are done.

One memorable milesone in M&F's ongoing street art education was focused around Pest 131.  Pest would tag 131, or some variant of that (130+1 or 1+31), and this was the first artist we noticed who would use a number instead of a name.

Its a brilliant technique, especially in a heavily buffed city.  Any buffman can recognize a graffiti tag, but the graffiti number code tag blends in with the construction marks on the street, so the numbers generally ride longer.

Pest was the first, and the biggest artist we noticed doing this.  Pest used to be catching 131 tags on the 395 freeway in Miami ten years ago, and it is rad to see that Pest is still getting up all over the streets with all kinds of mediums including murals, stickers, tags--all bearing the Pest number code!

Click the jump for a HUGE pictorial feature on Pest 131.  Dig it.  Stay up!

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