Thursday, July 4, 2013

Everyone You Know

Everyone you know is probably standing there texting like this piece from Thrashbird.

Everyone you know is probably a slut, too.

Riding with Gone in Los Angeles.


  1. Instagram deleted my account for all the hermaphrodites. I guess I am a sick ass. -thrashy

  2. -that's not what they're called. I always thought you were an artist who pushed the boundaries and posed challenging questions in people's mind, not one who uses outdated, derogatory remarks to poke fun or cause controversy. Your transgender piece was always my favorite but now I'm not so inclined, and in part due to this type of language that prevents the lgbtq community from moving forward or obtaining any form of equal rights, and in part due to the simple method of using negative, shock value pieces for exposure by using a minority group that is largely misunderstood and treated poorly by just about everyone.
    Sorry to be so anally pc but that's just how I feel. We criticize because we could and should be better. Thrashbird you get up as much, if not more, than anyone and thus whether you accept the role or not, you do in fact have an obligation of a message. I just wish it wasn't one that incited ignorance and discrimination of a group in great need of social equalities and societal awareness.