Saturday, July 20, 2013

From Fairfax to Your Mom's House (Then Up Her Blouse!)

Yup.  The streets are getting slammed like I am getting it on with your mom.   In her thong.

All kinds of action from Fairfax to Silverlake to, well, your mom's house!

Click the jump to check it out!

^The Fairfax 10 Freeway entrance is slammed with action!

^Dominoes in Silverlake

^ Philadelphia based sticker and graffiti artist El Toro.  Stuck up here in Silverlake.

 ^Gone MOCA getting boxed and nailed to the street

 Black Belt Karate.

^Shark.  Think its from CRG?

 ^Seizer and Euth stuck up.

 ^Slob and Cyber catch a takeover combo in Silverlake.

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