Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nomatter Whatness - Tag It Up!

Nomatter Whatness introduces a new kind of old tag to the streets.  Sure, graffiti tagging is one of the fundamental elements of getting up, but Nomatter Whatness introduces an old school red shopping tag, like the ones found in thrift stores or mom and pop shops.

Click the jump to check out a whole series of tags from Nomatter Whatness left around Silverlake.  At first, it just seemed like these were tags.  Then after we saw a couple we flipped one around and realized that there is a hand written poem on the back of each one.  This particular one said:

Soon you'll learn
In a casual way
That I was gone for good
When I left that day

Dig it~

Also check out the route of the bus in the background.  Sunset to Pacific Coast Blvd--sounds like a nice ride!

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  1. yea silverlake! tons of photos m&f!