Tuesday, July 2, 2013

There Still Is Justice, Even If Its Not from the Justice Department

The LA Times is reporting that Jeff Olson has been acquitted from all charges by a jury of his peers.  Olson was charged last week with 13 counts of felony vandalism for writing in children's chalk in front of Bank of America locations.  If convicted, Olson faced 13 years in prison and/or $13,000 in fines.

M&F covered this story last week as yet another example of rogue extremism from the government targeting its own citizens.  This case was further worrisome because the presiding Judge threw out Olson's constitutional right to assert freedom of speech in his defense.  It only took Olson's jury a short time to agree that the charges were ludicrous.  Guess there still is justice in the system, even if that justice is coming from Olson's peers and not the Justice Department itself.

It is great that Olson will not experience prison time.  But what is still alarming and should cause all Americans to be concerned is the way that this trial demonstrated the nefarious way in which the 'justice department' manipulated the judicial system to unfairly prosecute an American citizen.  Americans deserve better.

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