Saturday, October 5, 2013

Banksy - No Picture Yet - Its a Delivery Truck!

Even though the piece itself has not yet been reveiled, Banksy's phone message has been updated to say that the most recent work of art in New York City is a delivery truck.

According to the recording, the delivery truck comes equipped with a full working waterfall and plastic butterflies.  The truck will move to a different location every day, after dusk.

The recording goes on to say that Banksy was pissed when he made this, and the piece is incomplete.  (to be clear, being 'pissed' means being drunk across the pond, so Banksy was wasted, not angry). It then goes on to compare a graffiti artist trying to claim land to John Steinbeck's Grapes Of Wrath comparing what an urban artist does to a rural farmer.  "Trying like a thief to steal a little richness from the earth"

To listen to the recording, dial 1-800-656-4271, the press 3#.

No pictures yet . . . . So, time to get your search on New York!

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