Sunday, October 13, 2013

BanksyNY - Eavesdropping at the Confessional 'The Musical'

Not only did Banksy's Concrete Confessional get painted on, but the Priest also got some Banksy themed street art added to the spot next to it.

As you can see from the pic above, the cement barrier next to Banksy's original piece also had an image painted in it, clearly done in the same format as Banksy's with a black and white stencil laid over a red background.  Also, the barrier next to it has the words 'Free Cooper' with BanksyNY's font 'The Musical' after it.  To be clear, this 'Musical' stencil is not from Banksy.

Finally, a third piece of street art also showed up. Inside one of the barriers is a little boy praying towards Banksy's Priest, making clear the comparison between Priests and the sexual abuse of young boys (pictured below).

The stencils are well done, but there are numerous little differences that make Banksy's stencil making skills stand out.  Like the stencil basics of no-overspray and lining up the layers cleanly (the man is not very clean).  And the layering of the red background.  Banksy's is deep and intense and uses multiple shades of red to achieve that effect.  This new ones just use one, and it is not the same.

More fame jockin' Banksy, but at least this wanna-be took the time to cut a stencil to do it.  But in the end, on a fundamental skill level, the final result just shows why every other street artist can try, but is not Banksy.  Not to say that other artists can't develop their own stencil aesthetics, like this one has the dripping eyes on the new dude in a suit.  Dig that.  But bottom line, same methods, different results.

Stay up!

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