Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random BanksyNY

Here are a series of shots of all kinds of Banksy's work in New York.  From changing pieces to people's interactions with the art work and environment.

Dig it.  Stay up, New York City~


  1. Don't forget about LA while this Banksy jerk off is going on in NY!

  2. I very much disagree. They aren't going to forget, and after the first week in November, all of us will be back to the same ol m&f. This is the most excited I've been to read m&f In a long time. I read about banksyny lots of places but here it has a familiar tone to the newscasters voice. Stay up. Were on day 13!

  3. I'm loving this!

    M&F has the best Banksy coverage.

    Really been impressed.