Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Wellington Ennis - One Dude's Quest to Save Democracy

The contributors to MELROSEandFAIRFAX stood on the opposite end of the camera today when we were interviewed by John Wellington Ennis.

John has long been interested in street art-especially stickers. He currently puts up the Obama/Adama stickers around town, and was also behind the famous 'Giuliani is a Jerk' stickers that even made it on the Beastie Boys' guitar during a performance on Saturday Night Live.

John interviewed us for his current project . . .

His current project dives into the rich history of the Monopoly board game, which is surprisingly full of intrigue and scandal.

John is a filmaker and Huffington Post contributor. But really, he is just one dude who is trying to save democracy by exposing the way that government, or persons in authority, abuse their power.

Because Alec Monopoly bridged John's interests between street art and Monopoly, John has interviewed Alec for his film, and produced 2 dope videos of Alec on the streets

Alec Video Link
Alec Street Art Xmas

It was really cool talking with John about street art and hegemony, and we also shot some unique 'action' footage featuring John documenting us while we do what we do to get footage for this blog. We will keep you updated and let you know when John's film comes out, but for now, you can find out more about John and his film at his websites

John Wellington Ennis TV

^John shooting footage of some illegal building advertisement, and what is possibly some street art underneath the Green Hornet advertisement. Unless Burger King is doing guerilla marketing, that is.

John in front of the Obey mural at De La Barracuda.

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