Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its NOT Voina Force Kissing Russian Female Police

What is going on in Russia?!

Apparently, a group claiming to be Voina is taking credit for the 'forced kissing' of female Russian Police Officers by other females, but Voina denies that it is them.

As they told AnimalNY, "We have to inform you that the Voina Group has nothing to do with the action engaging young girls kissing female police officers. So “Лобзай мусора” is not ours. Well, you probably guessed it at once. First of all, it’s not an action at all. It’s a weak flesh mob. Second, it just cannot compare with such Voina actions as Dick captured by KGB or Palace revolution. We make massive, monumental art. Besides, it’s obvious that the Voina Group would never kiss policemen. We prefer to fuck them with our 65-meter-Dick!"

So the kissing is not Voina, but we are left wondering what is going on in Russia?! We always thought it was an unforgiving place with a rigid system that doesn't allow for dissent, but these pranks pulled by Voina and others are beyond brazen, and would most likely lead to an arrest in the US. We hope to keep following what happens with 'street art' in Russia, and those who are interested can watch the Youtube video of the female Police Officers getting kissed HERE

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