Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homo Riot at Summer Tramp - Live Painting

Homo Riot will be doing a live painting at an outdoor pool party in East Los Angeles this weekend at an event called Summer Tramp. We haven't heard of this event before, but it sounds like a blast. Here is the press release.

Homo Riot, a much lauded street artist based in Los Angeles, will be conducting a live street art installation on a 19ft Mobile Unit during the second 2011 installment of Andres Rigal’s SummerTramp. SummerTramp is a parking-lot-turned-water-park LA summer party series held at Tony’s Bar, 2017 East 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles on June 26th from 12pm - 6pm.

The imagery of Homo Riot, most notably two masked men kissing, strikes a positive chord with the gay community while provoking those offended by the visibility of open and out homosexuals. Within the festive setting of SummerTramp and among the creative and diverse group of partygoers attending, Homo Riot will emblazon The Homo Riot Mobile Unit with his unique and empowering art.

The Homo Riot Mobile Unit, sponsored by The Site Unscene, is set to ride the streets of LA, making appearances at art events and popular venues, throughout the Summer of 2011.

Since its inception in 2010, SummerTramp, a completely unique summer party series created by Andres Rigal of Bardot fame, has become one of the most popular summer parties in Los Angeles. This ‘pansexual’ pop-up water-park event brings all the best parts of the Los Angeles’ gay, straight and Eastender party scene to one astroturf covered parking lot for an unforgettable afternoon of music, art, cocktails, fashion and inflatable water slides. Described as ‘a magical brigadoon of decadence and delight,’ the event has created a loyal following and has garnered notable press from the Huffington Post, Flavorpill, 944 Magazine, NBC LA, LA Weekly, Perez Hilton and the LA Times.

This month’s SummerTramp is hosted by CubScout and features a line up of six DJ’s, local celebrity hosts Lady Bear, Luck Nero, Lenora Claire and Jefferson Hendrick, photography by Rony’s Photo Booth and Shadowscene, two full bars, an above ground pool and inflatable water slide in addition to local food vendors and jello shots galore. For more information visit: Summer Tramp.

For more information on Homo Riot or The Homo Riot Mobile Unit please contact: JB Jones:

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