Sunday, June 26, 2011

Use Common Sense and Follow Your Art

New piece from Common Cents. Like most of his work, it is the girl is very well done. Buuuuut, a girl wearing underwear and a bandana while spraying is pretty 'Slutty', and this piece resembles the Bankrupt Slut aesthetic.

This is not the first time Common Cents has done work similar to other artists and we have seen Common's 'interpretations' of Obey, 2wenty, and AJL among others. As we have mentioned, he usually brings strong pieces, but we much prefer when Common Cents is forging new ground with his art and creating his own aesthetic.

On Melrose.


  1. AMK did a dope lil stencil on the left side of the building, and argue did a clean argue.arson handstyle on the other. i love how he/she made the stencil multicolor

  2. What happened to FREEDOM? - FFFF