Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Coolest Story from 'Art Show 2011' - Highway Art

From Reno to Los Angeles - just for 'Art Show 2011', and inspiring art along the way~

This was a really amazing story, and the most compelling from a sea of cool stories today.

This father and son travelled to Los Angeles from Reno, Nevada. They drove all morning to make it to the opening, and created this piece of art along the way. They had people they met contribute to the piece, which the father said made it a really engaging experience. He said his highlight was when a former art major who hadn't drawn in years sketched an alligator on the side of the piece.

Mr. Brainwash even contributed to the piece and painted a pink heart right in the middle. So now this piece is a Brainwash original!

Since the piece was created on the road, the father said "It's not street art, its 'Highway Art'.

The cameras that are attached to the piece have pictures taken from along the way. The father said that they don't plan on developing the film, rather, the cameras will be left attached to the painting as part of the art piece.

Very cool. Since the family came just for the 'Art Show 2011' they were headed back to Reno as soon as they were done. Awesome stuff on many levels. And great to see the show inspiring all kinds of people--and how those people are even inspiring others.

As Mr. Brainwash says, Life is beautiful~


  1. If MBW shits on a stick, is it an MBW original?

    Nice story though