Monday, October 10, 2011

Loud Labs Gets Brainwashed

Loud Labs gets up at Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011'.

Fittingly, Loud Labs was the first to put up a canvas as part of the show. We say fittingly because Loud Labs has really stepped things up to the next level on the street with their art pieces. Each piece they put on the streets is either a canvas or a tile piece. Each is a true piece of art, and there has sprung up an underground network of collecting Loud Labs street pieces.

Loud Labs also has one of the most interesting stories that we have heard. One member creates the art, and the other member handles the street team. Great partnership.

Dig these submissions for 'Art Show 2011'. And we hear that more pieces were put up around this one after we left.

Hell yeah. Stay loud and stay up~


  1. Canvas denotes art? When did street art become synonymous with "high art"?

  2. I didn't know that there were rules to street art...Is it considered street art if it's art in the streets?