Monday, October 10, 2011

The Art Queen

Another amazing story about how 'Art Show 2011' has inspired folks--of all ages to do art.

This was another cool story from Brainwash's 'Art Show 2011'.

This is the self proclaimed 'Art Queen'. She is a 60 year old grandmother, and this is her first piece of street art--which is not to say that she is new to the streets. Art Queen has been taking pictures of LA's street art scene since 1988, and was inspired by Joey Krebs art way back then.

Even though she was always interested in street art, it took the 'Art Show 2011' to compel the Queen to actually put something up. Mr. Brainwash told us that that was one of his main goals for doing this event, that is, not just to get ariststs to place art in the show, but inspire people to do art. And many of us are inspired by what she has done.

The Art Queen has 8 grandchildren, but she says that this is a side of her that most family members don't know about, but added that she was so inspired by this experience that she plans to make a logo design for herself and put it on stickers and start getting up around town.

Dig it. Stay up, keep making art, and stay young~


  1. street art, art nouveau mash-up. killer results.

  2. I am a 61 year old artist working on street art inspired mixed media works. I would love to know this woman’s name and maybe get together sometime to collaborate on a piece. Does anyone know how I can contact her?