Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hanging Out with G - ***UPDATE***

M&F had the pleasure of hanging out with one of our favorite people in the world yesterday, G. Followers of the blog are probably familiar with G's amazing blog, According2G, which features street art from all over the world, in addition to concert reviews, art shows and celebrity sightings. It is truly remarkable because all of the content on According2G is original.

While G was visiting Los Angeles, we had a great time talking shop, and walking the neighborhoods around Melrose and Fairfax where this postal sticker combo box was spotted.

Each sticker has a printed TYT on it, and then on each is a smaller hand written tag with two letters.  Each sticker has a different two letter sequence, which seems to be the abbreviation for a state. From unknown artist, with G posing beside it in the top pic.

G is one of the most positive people we know, and it is always a blast hanging.  Like G does in life, get up and stay up!

***Update -- apparently the stickers are from Night Writerz.  Thanks to additional pic sent in from Calimail8***.


  1. I'm feeling this work! Saw this on M&F yesterday, drove by it and had to pull over for closer look. Very cool