Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Idiot with a Can of Paint

It always amazes us the people who aren't street artists or actively participate, but sometimes feel that they need to censor what is happening on the streets.

Some idiot with a can of white paint selectively painted over bits and pieces of street art on this block of Melrose.  Some of it seems to be censorship, as they painted over the cock on Thrashbird's tranny stencil and the boobs of Bankrupt Slut/Burn One's topless girl, but they also painted over whole other pieces, Morley's name on his piece, and still left the face on BS.

Not sure what the method to the madness was, but hope the idiot ran out of paint.


  1. Probably FH because of his flowers.

  2. It's frees subliminal powers doing it

  3. hahahahahahah FH flower power boy!!

  4. wah wah wah lets all go cry

  5. im not for censorship, but in this case what if it's just a guy from the neighborhood who doesn't enjoy having his kids see tithes and cocks and sluts on shit....i mean theres literally a big ass elementary skoool like 3 blocks away lols

    1. as i work in the area I'd bet it is a religious group/community...who probably find this street art just as offensive as the Dronex anti-anti-gay billboard.
      Negativity is stupid unless its directed at truth....and is merely the reflections of the horrors ignored by the brainwashed masses. The street art on melrose (as i ride there almost daily) merely magnifies its own pathetic shallowness. La street art in recent memory is just as low-brow as the hollywood billoards around me.

  6. I can see the point of restricting nudity near a school, but that doesn't explain why the culprit would have painted over Morley's name (since that isn't offensive to school children, at least not to my knowledge). I think it's just a jerk who gets off on damaging other people stuff, which tells me they (he or she) can't create anything of their own. Otherwise they would do something more creative than just painting over random pieces of other peoples art.

  7. "just a jerk who gets off damaging other peoples stuff".... Hmmm, sounds like the EXACT definition of a street artist. Like it or not, u know Im right. Moron.